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Bio-Logix began in our facility in Akron, Ohio. We started with a commitment to improving safety in the transit industry. To accomplish this, Bio-Logix brought together people with the talent and experience needed to provide companies with the physical solutions required to operate. Bio-Logix also strives to support local and disadvantaged companies. Being a DBE business applicant, Bio-Logix works with many other DBE certified and union approved businesses as well.

With the arrival of COVID-19, it was clear that there is a need for more protection equipment. At Bio-Logix, our engineers have worked together with customers to create products that maximize the safety of workers and passengers. Since customer satisfaction is paramount, our company develops customized solutions that are specific to the client’s needs.

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BioShield Driver Protection System

The BioShield is a steel-frame polycarbonate barrier designed to provide a level of security for transit workers.

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Bio-Logix is proud to be working with IndyGo, an industry leader in transportation services located in Indianapolis. With the help of CARES Act funding, IndyGo is upgrading their fleet of buses with the BioShield. The contract is expected to be completed this year, and will provide Indianapolis bus drivers with a significant increase in security. The BioShield provides a level of physical protection, but also acts as a barrier that limits contagion and will help keep drivers safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates to follow



Q: How do I place an order?

To get a custom quote, contact us via phone or email.

Q: How does shipping work?

At Bio-Logix, FOB (Free On Board) shipping is utilized.

Q: How does installation work?

Installation is very straightforward. We are partnered with a national MBE/WBE installer, or we can provide installation instructions for in house install.

Q: Are there different types of polycarbonate?

The BioShield has two standard models for driver protection. Custom designs can also be done to an extent, and the barrier comes with impact resistant and anti-reflective options.

Q: Will this barrier fit multiple bus models?

Custom mounting brackets are provided for each new model. Bio-Logix has worked with multiple brands including Gillig, NewFlyer, Proterra, and BYD.

Q: What is the pull force required to break your latch mechanism?

The latch can withstand a pull force of up to 2200 lbs.

Bio-Logix Solutions

Bio-Logix Solutions